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Jnana geetham

The song of Wisdom

metre-by- meter Sanskrit translation of the Malayalam classic


of Poonthanam


C. Raghavan Nair

Sahityashiromani, Vidwan, VisharadSri. C. Raghavan Nair, (Sahityasiromani,

Vidwan, Visharad) has been active on the literary front over the past fifty years. He has translated several great classics ofSanskrit into Malayalam verse, metre-by-metreincluding Ramanayanam, BhagavadGeetha, Narayaneeyam and soundaryalahari to name a few. He has also written original prose and poetry and translated many Malayalam poems into Sanskrit. His poems have appeared in Malayalam magazines. Manyof his works are available for publication.Visit http://

Sri. C. Raghavan Nair

Sri. C. Raghavan Nair was born in 1925 at Irinjapram, near

Guruvayoor as the son of (late) Smt. Chumane Parukkutty ammaand (late) Sri. Chankath Narayanan Nair in 1925. His Sanskriteducation was uner the expert guidance of Sri. P. C. VasudevanElayad, Sri. M. P. Shankunni Nair and Sri. K. P. NarayanaPisharodi. He was awarded the degrees of Sahitryasiromani(Sanskrit), Vidwan (Malayalam) and Visharad (Hindi). He retiredfrom Govt. High School, Thiruvilwamala in 1981 after a long anddistinguished teaching career. He has been involved in in variousliterary acvtivities over the past 50 years.Published ( All in Malayalam)

1. Anayatha Deepam

A simple poetic biography of Gandhiji

2. Sreemnnarayaneeyam

(metre-by-metre translation)

3. Sreemad Bhagavadgeetha

(metre-by-metre translation)

4. Vilwapushpanjali

(Sree Vilwarinatha Sthosthram)

5. Vilwanadhakadhamritham

(Story of SreeViwadrinatha Temple)

6. Pazhayanoor Devisthavam

(Pazhayannoor Bhagavtheesthostram)

Jnanappana and Poonthanam

Poonthanam Namboodiri is a legendary figure of Kerala

famous for his devotion to the Lord of Guruvayoor and also

for his literary works such as Bhasha Karnamritam,

Kumaraharanam or Santanagopalam Pana and


Jnanappana or the Song of Divine Wisdom, a rare treasury

of transcendental knowledge and its relevance in day-to-day

life, is written in a simple, unassuming style. It is full of

comments of contemporary lifestyle in the perspective of

the short lived nature of life as well as its pleasures.

There are several legends of ‘Guruvayoor miracles’ in which

Poonthanam figures. Once while reciting

“Vishnusahasranamam”, he pronounced “Padmanabho

Maraprabhu" and `Maraprabhu’ means `Lord of trees’ in

Malayalam. The famous Sanskrit scholars Melpathur

Bhattathiri made fun of this and corrected Poonthanam

saying that Padmanabha is not Maraprabhu (Lord of trees)

but Amaraprabhu (Lord of immortals). Then there came a

celestial voice ( asareeri )) from the inner shrine, “ I am

Amaraprabhu as well as Maraprabhu" . [This has motivated

the design of the statue in the Sreevalsam Guest house

compound fully made of clay, is the biggest idol made of

clay in Asia

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Anayaatha Deepam

(Biography of Mahatma Gandhi in 100 simple verses)


(Poem about Sri Vilwadrinatha Temple, Thiruvilwamala)

Pazhayannoor Deveesthavam

(Poem about Devi Temple, Pazhayannoor)

Vilwa Pushpangal Part I, II and III

(small poems on various aspects of life, mainly philosophical)

Chinmaya Gita

(Simple Poetic rendering of Swami Chinmayananda's teachings)

Bhagavad Gita

(An independent prose rendering)

Bhagavad Gita - Oru Vazhikaatti

(A guide for practical day-to-day living based on the Gita )

Sri Vilwadrinatha Kathamritam

( Details about Sri Vilwadrinatha Temple, Tiruvilwamala)

This has been translated into English by Smt. C. Sarojini


Malayalam Translations of Classics in Sanskrit

(Metre-by-metre translations from Sanskrit)

Bhagavad Gita

Valmeeki Ramayanam

Adhyaatma Ramanayanam

Bhaagavatam Dasamam


Soundarya Lahari

Bhartrhari Subhashitam

Kanakadhaara Stavam

 Bhaja Govindam

Vilwam Puranaam OR Sri Vilwadri Maahatmyam

(in Malayalam prose)



Malayalam Dance-Darama (Ballet)

(Action plays for staging)

Daksha Yaagam

Prahlada Charitham

Pazhayannoor Bhagavathy

Ambareesha Charitham


 Sanskrit Translations from Malayalam


Chintaavishtayaaya Seetha



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Available for Publication

 Many books listed above are available for publication, some for re-publication. Those interested in taking this up may contact the author at the address below

Contact Information                                                                Postal Address:

C. Raghavan Nair,

Vilwathilakam, Thiruvulwamala P.O., Trichur Dt.

Kerala, INDIA 680588

Phone: 0488 428 2242